PCPL is a key player in the value chain in the agribusiness enterprises both in INDIA and AFRICA. PCPL  leverages its network of farmers and suppliers to supply the African market and vice-versa. 

We design and execute innovative business models as well as finance them to profitably serve East Africa’s aspiring mass market and play pivotal role in improving the livelihoods of general population. Our experts study the seasonality of the commodities and are able to find opportunities for trade arbitrage of the commodities like cereals, pulses, vegetables, spices and exotic produce.

Our Offerings

We offer tailored farm management, advisory and investment services acknowledging the different objectives and outcomes for each client. Here’s what we have done for others:

  • Agri-food sector mergers and acquisitions.
  • Co-investment with selected partners on exclusive opportunities.
  • Tailored farm and agribusiness management services, including farm activities, logistics, processing and marketing.
  • Strategic advisory services to successfully enter, grow, manage or exit agribusiness investments.
  • Due diligence and asset sourcing.
  • Strategic, business and risk management
  • Corporate governance for agribusiness.

Our services are backed by practical and commercial application and we have what it takes to achieve results for clients in the Boardroom and in the paddock.